Void Bib Short 2.0 Men Black Yellow

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The VOID Bib Shorts are what you need for everyday cycling. Our tight leg cuff with its superior silicone gripper will keep your legs in check and your tan lines sharp!

The shorts are cut in an understated yet functional design for an aggressive position on the saddle. They also have added compression, to help you get the most out of your rides.

Premium Pad from La Fonte - 3X Technology

S.A.T. Shock Absorption Technology The exclusive shock-absorbing system provides maximum protection and shock absorption neutralizing any negative vibration developed during the impact with the ground, and distributing the pressures. The dissipation of 80% of the energy generated from the impact is granted throughout the life of the product. Excellent resistance to constant compression. LF S.A.T. is synonymous of longlasting, softness, flexibility, lightness, moldability and breathability.
B-Elastic - Soft touch high 4-way stretch elasticity, excellent breathabilityand supurb moisture transportation feature
TRS Foam Innovative perforated (3-5mm holes) open cell foam ensuring an excellent ventilation, moisture management and lightness.

Fit Race - Tailored tight and Aerodynamic Fit

Size & Fit
Today the VOID product line covers many categories, from jerseys to shorts, jackets to crews, road to off-road. Every single item is created from a need or a dream, so you can push your own boundaries on the road or trails, and every single item is tailored to those needs and dreams.

Aero Fit: Tailored for a very tight fit and an aerodynamic riding position.
Race Fit: Tailored for a tight fit and an aerodynamic riding position. Size up for a more relaxed fit.
Endurance Fit: Tailored for all-day comfort and a more upright riding position. Size down for a tighter, more aerodynamic fit.
Relaxed Fit: Tailored for comfort and performance and to fit with body armour underneath.
Casual Fit: Tailored for post-ride comfort and casual commutes. Size down for a slimmer fit.