Unsquashable - The Brand

 Our aim at UNSQUASHABLE is to inspire all squash players by offering specialist equipment that helps them fulfil their potential & gain maximum enjoyment from playing one of the world’s most exciting & healthiest sports. 

UNSQUASHABLE is committed to developing equipment to be used by the world’s leading players because we believe that engineering equipment for professional competition makes for better product for the everyday player.

Throughout his record-breaking career, Jahangir Khan used and was synonymous with only one brand: UNSQUASHABLE. Inspired by the sport’s greatest ever player, UNSQUASHABLE is the most focused and committed brand in the sport.

UNSQUASHABLE builds high-performance products because UNSQUASHABLE is a high-performance organisation. Our engineers place product quality and performance before anything else, before productivity or ease of manufacture. Our success stems from our unrivalled commitment.

UNSQUASHABLE products are unique, combining thoughtful engineering, originality and craftsmanship, featuring new technical innovations, used on the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour by many of the world’s leading players, who increasingly benchmark UNSQUASHABLE for design, engineering & quality.